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Benefits support with a side of HR
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Unlike most insurance products, medical insurance is one that most of us will use at least once a year. It's a truly valuable benefit, not only to help save employees out of pocket costs but protect your business and keep the best employees. 


Beyond medical, many employees and their families truly appreciate great dental and vision care.  Life and disability insurance is, thankfully, less appreciated - until it's needed. And it can mean the difference between getting back to work or bankruptcy for some families. 


Let's work together to find (and keep) the right benefits that fit your employees needs and your company budget.


You don't have a benefits department. You have me. Your employees can call me directly. I'll manage your enrollment changes and keep you in the loop. If you need you to share something with the staff, I'll give it to you ready to send. I'm more than an extension of your back office, I become part of your team. 

I'm also known as a compliance geek.  But you won't receive a bulk memo about general compliance deadlines from me. Instead, you'll get a personal email with tailored documents that are copy-paste ready forward to your team and file away.

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How can I be your benefits department? By offering every client a tailored benefits administration solution that can expand to include HRIS and integrate with payroll.  Learn more about the HR & Benefits software solution.


But software can only do so much.  You'll also receive critical HR tools to keep your company compliant with through the HR Support Center:

  • Employee Handbook

  • Job descriptions

  • New hire documents

  • Ad hoc support from a team of HR Pros who are experts at handling employee relations issues

  • Monthly newsletter with hot HR topics and online research tools





“OpsforGood is a consulting firm that establishes the internal operational processes and systems for start-up nonprofit organizations. For over 6 years, Robin has been my go-to strategic partner to set up the benefits program.


She understands their needs, helps make the transition smooth and makes me look good.”


— Michael Burdick, CEO | Ops for Good

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