To Pay or Not to Pay when filing your 2016 Taxes?

To Pay Or Not To Pay – That Is The Question For the full article, please click here Should you still submit your 1095 tax forms that show when you were covered — or, if you purchased a plan from an exchange, the amount of tax credits you received? Should you apply for an exemption from the Obamacare coverage requirement? If you were uninsured in 2016 and don’t qualify for an exemption, should you pay the Obamacare tax penalty? California tax experts have some relatively simple advice for confused taxpayers. “Until Obamacare is no longer the law of the land, we don’t have much choice other than to continue under the current rules and regulations,” says Janet Krochman, a CPA in Costa Mesa. Thi

Is there going to be individual health insurance for 2018?

I’m getting this question a lot. Well, the good news is I think we’ll have at least two solid insurers in California, and hopefully more, because our market has been so successful. Both Blue Shield and Kaiser are nonprofits totally committed to our state and community. More immediately, I wanted to share with you some proposals from the Center for Medicare Services to try to stabilize the insecure insurance market for 2018. These are system tweaks that require no votes, but they are taking comments (and I've given them). No, I don’t know what insurance will cost or if we’ll have any tax subsidies. But I am confident we will at least have insurance choices! If this is TL;DR, then just take a

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