Insurers abhors chaos

The House's passage today of the AHCA sure adds some into an already challenging mix.

Insurers on the Federal marketplace are required to file their rates and plans for 2018 by mid-June, but California requires rates to be filed this week. Luckily our insurance commissioner is allowing the insurers to file "With" and "Without" ACA rates. And the "Without" rates are warned to be potentially 42% higher for some people. This should make it pretty easy for us to score for ourselves what the ACA was doing for premiums.

Insurers tend to avoid making political statements. But I appreciate Paul Markovich, CEO of Blue Shield, warning that the GOP bill would make health insurance unaffordable for millions of Americans by significantly reducing the premium tax credits consumers rely on. He also warned that the GOP’s proposal to deeply cut Medicaid would place an “impossible” fiscal burden on states such as California, “resulting in millions more people without access to care.” Read more on Kaiser Health news here:

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