Robin's 2020 Enrollment To Do list

It's Open Enrollment. In a recent survey, "Doing Open Enrollment" ranked up there with "Hold Crying Baby", "Call Mother-in-law" and "Do Taxes". So, great, this is something you probably want to avoid.

But for 2020 you really should take a good re-look at your enrollment choices, because California has increased the tax subsidies available and re-instated the penalty for being uninsured.

Here's the quick checklist:

1. Go to

2. If you have an account, then make sure it's up to date

3. From the main website go to “Shop & Compare” to get an idea of your available 2020 premiums & tax credit based on your best-guess taxable income for 2020. (Not all carriers & plans are on CoveredCA, but this is the best place to start)

4. Take the time to enter in your key providers and hospitals

5. Estimate your health care usage

6. Pick 2-3 plans to compare side by side.

7. Hover over the total expense estimate to see how premiums (known) and expenses (estimated) would stack up.

This exercise should help you decide

(a) CoveredCA or not CoveredCA for 2020 (you should if there are tax credits)

(b) Which carrier has most of your doctors

(c) Which plan, when adding premium and estimated expenses, will cost you less at the end of the year

Now, go.... either renew or change your plan on the same platform. Or apply in one place, and then when it's in place, here is a good checklist from Blue Shield.

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