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You can take an unhealthy employee and put them into a healthy environment and you may be able to prevent them from getting worse.  You take a healthy employee and put them into an unhealthy environment...well, it'll be no surprise if they either get sick or leave.  

A healthy work environment will inspire high performance and loyalty from employees. Effective wellness programs make it easier for employees to make healthy choices.

Discover the opportunity and appetite, then align your program design to realistically fit your organization. 


A failure most wellness initiatives make is a lack of upfront comprehensive planning. Evaluate the wants and needs of the business and employees. Lots of activities can create noise but no real outcomes.  It's better to focus on a few critical goals, establish a plan and design a strategy to achieve them.

"If you don't have the time to start it right, then you better have the time to start it over."


​Whether you work with a single vendor or many, I can facilitate the selection and project management of roll-out.


Ideally this process is done in conjunction with a planning phase, but can also be done stand alone. There are a tremendous number of new vendors in the marketplace now, and no one vendor dominates.  A side by side checklist evaluation won't paint the entire picture.  The right vendor is like dating, you'll just know it if there is chemistry there. But how many dates do you want to go on? I can help narrow it down and negotiate the proposals.  

If you planning on leveraging some of your carrier's resources, I can help you evaluate and create a coherent plan.  Carrier resources have notoriously low engagement rates, but they're often no additional cost. Let's work together to integrate them into an effective plan that has some result for your efforts.


Promotion strategies and measurement require ongoing project management.


Before anything starts, we would determine what can we measure that will tell us if this is working or if something needs to change. Then we determine how we measure it. Then we design a detailed project plan of what actions need to happen when during the year.  We'll evaluate the communications media and content. Do we need a brand? Will we use social media, posters, staff meetings?  Getting much of this nailed down in advance makes it far easier to execute on these strategies throughout the year.  But HR and management are often distracted by the day to day demands of the business.  I can help keep your program on track throughout the year.

Keeping it simple


For many small and mid-sized employers, wellness programs seem just "too much".  Sometimes it's better to just keep it simple. Many just want to focus on a few key messages and make a few small, but important, changes to the workplace.  In fact, the best wellness program would ultimately be to have no need for a wellness program at all - "it's just the way it is around here".   It just may take some time and leadership to get there. 




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